“Mobility with Quality, Safety and Style!”


Outstanding Durability

Durability comes from intelligent design and first-class manufacturing standards. Our proprietary robust step design exceeds international code requirements and o—ers utmost reliability with a minimal risk of breakage.

Sustainable Performance

Sustainability is now a hot topic in building design. The velino 100 can help to improve your building’s carbon footprint by giving you the choice of di—erent operating mo des delivering significant energy savings Measured against the ISO 25745-3 standard, the velino series is capable of achieving an A+++ energy ežciency rating.

Lower environmental impact

By continuously improving our escalator solutions, we minimise their environmental impact in product life cycle assessments.

Sustainable Performance

State-of-the-art LED technology lasts longer than conventional lighting and is up to 80% more energy-ežcient than halogen lighting.